Thursday, July 10, 2008

Education Coalition Launches Statewide Radio Ad Campaign

Sacramento – Today the Education Coalition released a statewide radio ad campaign to urge the Governor and lawmakers to invest in education and to find common-sense budget solutions that increase revenues. Transcripts of the ads are below, and audio versions can be found on the web site at . “The Education Coalition wants our elected leaders to know that the time has come to put aside partisan politics and to invest in our children’s future,” said David A. Sanchez, President of the California Teachers Association. “Delaying and cutting school funding through the state budget process only hurts our students.” “Our state leaders need to put our students’ education at the top of their agenda, and pass a responsible budget that rejects cuts to schools,” said Pam Brady, President of the California State PTA. “We need to give students the tools and resources they need to succeed. The time to act is now.” “Schools are already suffering from the impact of cuts and delayed funding,” said Paul H. Chatman, President of the California School Boards Association. “It’s time to move forward and invest in our kids. California business leaders say the best way to improve our economy is to make sure we have a well-educated work force – let’s work together to achieve that goal.”

“The final budget agreement must include increased revenues as part of any approach to balancing the budget,” said Marty Hittelman, President of the California Federation of Teachers. “Refusing to support solutions to raise revenues for schools shortchanges our students and California’s future. It’s time for real leadership from our lawmakers.”

To read a transcript of the radio ad.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

How Does the Education System in California Stack Up?

Want to know how California school districts and schools are performing?

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California schools are responsible for educating the most diverse
student population in the country with substantially fewer resources
than most other states. A new Ed-Data article examines the education
system in California and other large states and provides important
context for understanding the state's public school system, its
performance, and its challenges.

The article reports on student demographics, enrollment trends,
resources available to public education, and their implications. You can
find the article by clicking "How California Compares" at .