Monday, July 19, 2010


This request forwarded from Katrina regarding Willy Wonka Stage:
I am in need of help when it comes to taking down the Willy Wonka Stage. I would have done it last week, but the drama teacher asked me to leave it up for all the special grade level performances, which don't end until Monday. But I am now being asked to remove not only the stage (platforms, walls, props, etc.) but also all my lighting and sound equipment for the 5th grade promotions. I'm not sure if we can work at all during the school day on Monday afternoon or Tuesday, so my best guess is that I will need help to take apart, remove, and load stuff into my truck after 3:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please email me back if you think you are available. That way I'll know how many power drills to try and supply, especially on Monday afternoon.

Please contact Katrina if and when you are able to help at

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