Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey Birney Gardeners!

I am writing because we have an offer of fruit trees from the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (Kashi — Fruitabu snacks).

The event is October 21st at 1pm. They will come and do a short curriculum piece. They want to do this with 2nd and possibly 1st grade classes. They need up to 20-25 parent volunteers to help pull this off.

As parents we will be digging holes, planting and mulching during the presentation. As you know the soil is VERY clay, so this could be a pretty big job. I am going to do a test dig today. The main plantings will be in the area next to the fence of the joint use field. I am exploring if we can expand into other areas on campus, including next to the preschool and near the portables. Standby as I confirm with Larry the landscaping lead for our school if we can have "permission" for this expansion.

Please let me know if you will be able to make this time. Also let me know if there are any parents you can think of who might be available for this I want to cast a big net. Because it will undoubtedly be fun, I hope it can galvanize efforts and we can throw our own event to plant the library literacy herb garden!

Best, Mindy
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Michelle said...

the curricular program and planting will begin at 1pm and is only supposed to take 45 minutes...

There will probably be some finish work needed after that.

Round point shovels and steel rakes would be helpful. We only have a few in the shed.