Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birney Sponsorship Information.

Bee a Sponsor!

If you, your business or anyone you know, would like to help out Birney Elementary and the PTA by being a sponsor, here is a list of opportunities and ways you can help.

Just click here to download a pdf. with all the sponsoring opportunities listed.
If you are interested in approaching local merchants on Birney's behalf, download the following two attachments as well. One is a sample letter to merchants and one is a sample thank you letter that you can send after receiving a donation.

Donation Letter as docx. file
Donation letter as doc. file
Donation Letter as pdf file

Thank You Letter as docx. file
Thank You letter as doc. file
Thank You Letter as pdf file

Every little bit helps and we truly do appreciate your support and help.

PTA Birney


Anonymous said...

Michelle - can you please re-post those docx as pdf? Some of us may not have the a recent version of Word. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Ok they are up in three different formats now. Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much - that was fast!