Friday, February 11, 2011

Help Vons Help Birney

The state of California refuses to give enough money to our schools to pay for a good education, so we have to send you shameless requests asking for help. The good news is this request won’t cost you a dime!!! It only costs VONS money.

If you shop at Vons (and don’t go there on my account if you don’t), the store will donate 10% of all the sales this month, till 2/28/11, to the school of your choice. The school of my choice, of course, is Birney Elementary. Every receipt you get this month will have the website for the program and a code number on the bottom. Then you go to, enter the school of your choice and your code, and BAM! Birney gets dough.

Birney’s Group ID number is 164756823. The group name is Birney PTA. We need the money to pay for language and arts instruction, which are being cut. We are also trying to save up for theater lights for our auditorium, so we can continue putting on productions like last year’s “Willy Wonka,” which featured my very handsome son as Mike Teavee, and this year’s “Aladdin,” yet to be cast. And our PTA does lots of other fabulous things that cost money, like arts and crafts night, and International Baccalaureate Bash, movie nights, and more.

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