Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jump For Heart! November 4

Time to raise money for the American Heart Association. Forms -went home in last weeks Buzz, here are the options for getting donations.

1) Help your child find people willing to sponsor them by adding their name to the form

2) Have out of town friends and family make donations online at the Heart Assoc. page, then click on Student Sign Up, then once the map loads, click on California type under the map, enter the school name Alice Birney Elementary and hit search. Then click on join the Birney Team page, then follow steps as directed. Then the kids can send e-mails and do all the fund raising through this site - really pretty cool.

Would be great to encourage your kids to help out. As always, thanks for your support with all of the Birney activities.

Thanks for your help!
Carol Lord


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