Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big Give 2012

Please help us raise much needed funds in order to maintain our IB Program and associated specials such as Garden, Spanish, Art and Library.  Our specials are an integral part of our IB Program and differentiate Birney from other Elementary schools.  Just $1 a day per student supports all of our specials for a year.  That is only $170 per year per student!   We know that not all families are able to give so generously, but any amount will help.
During last year’s Big Give we were able to raise $14,000 from 93 donors!  Surely with just a little more Give we can match or exceed the number of donors this year!  Another great reason to give during this event is that donations are matched by an anonymous donor -- making this a perfect opportunity to benefit our school.   The more money we raise the more we’ll get of the matching funds!

On Friday, the 21st go to the friends of Alice Birney website between the hours of 7AM to 7PM and click on the Big Give link and make your donation.
Our goal is to raise roughly $1000 an hour in a 12 hour period on the 21st.  Help us exceed that goal and get your tax deductible donations in before the year ends!
Give the children of Birney a holiday gift that will continue to enrich their lives in the months ahead. 

Big Give! Give now!

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