Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Samantha Bell & Make a Wish

Hi all,
As some of you already know, one of our own Birney Bees had surgery this spring on a brain tumor. Despite the sudden surgery and the devastating diagnosis, Samantha was back at school in no time and fit right back in to the swing of things. That's just who she is.

I am forwarding you an email from Samantha Bell's mom, Eden. The email contains a link to the pediatric brain cancer foundations' website which will explain all you need to know about the diagnosis and the procedure ... as well as about Samantha, who is really a unique and wonderful little girl. Samantha is going in for another surgery at the end of the month (August 28). She'll need lots of positive thoughts. Please feel free to share this information with anyone you feel might want to contribute in any way.

One of the biggest problems (apart from the actual surgery of course) right now is that Samantha's 'make a wish' was for a potbellied pig as a pet, and there is some kind of zoning law that prevents this from happening. If you know anyone who can exert some influence with the powers that be to get Samantha's wish granted, let us know!

Her old, but still current through the end of the year, website has a way to donate to the cancer foundation, her new website is in formation and is listed at the end of the email from Eden Bell, her mom (samanthaloveslife.org).


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