Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5th Grads School Supplies

List of supplies your fifth grade student will need for the first week of school.

We hope that by giving you this list early, you will be able to take advantage of the many "Back To School" sales.

Any donations of supplies you would like to make to your student's specific classrooms will be greatly appreciated:

Each student will need:
1 Binder  (3 ring, 2-3 inch)
Pencil pouch for binder
Subject dividers for binder
1 journal for Daily Assignments and important dates
1 pkg college ruled lined paper
1 journal with small grid paper for math (graph paper)
1 pkg #2 pencils (ticonderoga preferred)
Pencil sharpener --hand held with a lid
6 folders with pockets and brads for 6 IB Units
6 spiral notebooks, College ruled
blue or black pen
yellow highlighter
1 pkg colored pencils
pencil cap erasers
2 glue sticks
2 rolls of  clear "scotch" tape, with or without the tape dispenser
ruler with standard and metric measurement

Other items that our classes will use and would love to have donated include:
Kleenex boxes
# 2 pencils
3 holed College ruled lined paper
Grid (graph) paper (small --approximately 1/4" grid)
Glue sticks
"Scotch" tape (refills--we have the dispensers)
Post Its (all sizes)
"White Out"  correction tape and liquid
Dry erase markers--black, blue, red, green
Sharpie pens--black, blue, red
White printer/copy paper
Journals--grid (graph paper for math)
Spiral journals--college ruled
Folders--two pocket with brads
Electric pencil sharpener
Flat staples
Index cards (ruled)
hand sanitizer pumps
hand soap with pump

Thank you!
The Fifth Grade Team

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